Websites that work.
At The Site Mechanics, the term "Websites that work" is more than just a slogan. It's a reality.

We specialize in building, "tuning" and optimizing websites to make them search engine friendly, giving our clients a head start in the search engine optimizaton race. 'Cause if your clients can't find you, you've already lost.

We build sites to fit our clients' needs. Sites that are Web 2.0 compliant. Sites that are search engine friendly. Sites that are completely updatable by the client via an online web interface, saving them hundreds or even thousands of dollars over the long run.

  • Collaborative Community Websites
  • Dynamic, Data Driven Websites
  • Web-based Social Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization & Marketing
  • Website Tuning

We build sites that work.

Use the links to learn more about our services, then call us at (209) 565-1760 to schedule an initial consultation or contact us for more information.